Big Geocaching Day

July 24th, 2005 | by Charlotte |

Over the Wall

by The 2 Dogs

S 33° 48.741 E 151° 18.165

(ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)
Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 2.5

A very tricky conundrum this one and it’s not for the faint hearted.

Which side of a wall are you on?……well that all depends on which side of the wall you are on. You could be on the right side of the wall, but if you turn around you might be on the left side of the wall….then again this all changes when you are on the other side of the wall……now which side of the wall are you on?….well that all depends on which side of the wall you are on……you could be on the left side of the wall but if you turn around you might be on the right side of the wall….. Maybe you should simply go back over the wall, but then again which side of the wall is over the wall?….you may already be over the wall. Oh well…if all this is “driving you up the wall” you’re probably not alone.


While the search may not require a lot of physical strength, it is not a cache for the unfit or a layman at the sport.

Don’t attempt alone, don’t search at night or in bad/windy weather.

Don’t wander onto cliff edges, stay well back.


Wear good footwear.

Don’t climb on the wall.

Don’t take animals with you.

Wear thick gloves when searching.

Keep alert.

Phew! oh and…..Have Fun

July 24 by Charl (45 found)

Fantastic views on the way to this cache.
Chris and I found what appear to be the headquarters of the Cave Clan (the group that goes ‘caving’ in storm water drains) on the way to this cache. It’s the shell of a WWII building, covered with Clan graffiti and poetry.

Home of the Cave Clan, taken by Chris

Lost my belly button ring while clambering over the wall to get to this cache, but I was having so much fun, I didn’t notice.

TNLN. Thanks 2 Dogs!

Charl on her way to Over The Wall, taken by Chris

July 24 by c.j.b (33 found)

Charl and myself took what was probably the most scenic path to the site, although not for the want of a better one that would have avoided the duck-poo flavoured water and all the crawling around.. At least I now know my new heavy cotton shorts could take the abuse. Next time, it’ll be heavy cotton trousers..

Left Playstation game demo CDs, and took Sam the Eagle (since he wouldn’t fit into the container any longer.)

Harbor the Entrance

by Crowmage

(ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)
Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 3

After chatting to Arabanoo, the walk to the cache is easy. The return trip will require more effort from you though. The views on the way are worth it. Bring a camera with a wide angle lens.

The cache itself is a clear 2 litre Clik-It container. My approach to this area is usually from above. There are trails all the way to the GZ. The cache is reasonably well hidden although once at the GZ it should be pretty obvious where it is.

Nearby Cabeh Feer maybe just the place for you to enjoy the sunshine au naturel.

July 24 by Charl (45 found)

Wonderful cache location. Could you find a better view in Sydney?

It was hard to believe, as Chris and I walked down the bush track, that we were in the middle of Sydney. Geez, I love geocaching. How else would I have found this spot?

Tried to show Chris how to eat Banksia nectar on the way to this cache, but none of the flowers were ripe enough.

Took the geocoin (my second), left a koala.

Thanks, Crowmage.

July 24 by c.j.b (33 found)

The accompanying Charl of the Banksia Rush will be the one to claim its discovery, but I made myself useful by dropping off the ScubaSki TB..

The Bandicoot Stash

by The 2 Dogs

S 33° 48.558 E 151° 17.536

(ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)
Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 2

I found the problem with the co-ords for the cache “my dyslexia”. I have amended them above and apologise to the ideology for the boo boo.

Welcome to yet another hiding, by the 4 legged ones.

We would really like you to tread softly for this cache, SERIOUSLY.
The area has a Bandicoot Habitat nearby so please do not disturb anything that looks even remotely like an animals home.

The stash is located in a lovely area of bush that has some vague regeneration programmes going on. We say vague because the area was fenced off in some places and not in others, so we placed the cache in one of the others.

For less impact and easier access, please use the track that leads to the beach and then the creek bed. Don’t forget to tread very softly as you can be heard by passers by. We hid the cache in a little clearing and at ground level. A “CLEARING” guys. This means you do not need to be treading down vegetation to find it. If you are not in clearing then you are looking in the wrong place. Also, give your GPS plenty of time to average before beginning your search.

Please move in this area with the utmost consideration. We will be monitoring the impact very closely and will pull the cache if damage is being done.

Good Luck

July 24 by Charl (45 found)

Yes, c.j.b. is referring to the fact I, *cough*, fell over on the way to this cache.

I had to fall over before he noticed I was *right next to the cache*.

July 24 by c.j.b (33 found)

A previous visitor to this cache made the .trip. as well to help reduce the search’s .impact. on the vegetation. :^)

Left a Playstation Demo Game CD.

I’ll meet you at Sunup (Revisited)

by High Places

S 33° 47.976 E 151° 17.890

(ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)
Difficulty: 3 Terrain: 2

The contentious placing of ‘I’ll meet you at Sunup’ has been dealt with in this this re-enactment of an earlier cache.

Fairly high, this is the sort of place that afficionados of dawn reflections find irresistable – myself included. Dawn will reveal kestrels hunting and calling, the Pacific doing its thing depending of the weather, the possibility of whales, dolphins and a thousand different birds. Be there to achieve a different sort of ‘balm of hurt minds, sweet nature’s second course’.The Cache itself is the same as in its previous life, and contains the same contents as were in it before.

July 24 by Charl (45 found)

c.j.b. put his things down *right on top of the cache* without realising it was there.

Luckily, I was there to help…

I’m still amazed that the cache is dry, even though the bandicoots have chewed holes in the bottom.

July 24 by c.j.b (33 found)

My time-hardened caching skills immediately recognised the hiding location, no matter what anyone else who was in attendence at the time might think…

Is 8 metres high enough?

by High Places

S 33° 48.042 E 151° 16.373

(ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)
Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 1.5

Great at any time, but this view, as with most water-side sites, is great in the quiet times before and after most people are up and about

The cache is again a clear plastic container 100x70x70mm, so only small swaps, please. Easiest approach is from below, I think, but the rock can be slippier than you’d think, especially the wet bits.

July 24 by Charl (45 found)

Wish I had a more powerful torch for this one.

This cache was impossible during the day, thanks to the sunbather c.j.b. mentioned. She kept asking what I was looking for!

July 24 by c.j.b (33 found)

A DNF for Charl and myself. We made two attempts today, with the first time being interupted by a nosy lunchtime sunbather parking her towel right on the GZ. The later attempt was more a “maybe we’ll get lucky” search after sunset..

Fun in the sun…

by Bensel

S 33° 49.410 E 151° 15.148

(ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)
Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 2

This cache is set in one of my favourite areas in Sydney. It is designed for the cacher who wants to spend most of the day lounging around on the sand; but who can also find a little time between swims to get the GPS out and go hunting for a cache. Go spend a nice morning at this waterfront location and have fun. Take extra care when retrieving the cache!

July 24 by Charl (45 found)

A shame we didn’t check the logs before going after this one. Oh well, it was a nice walk.

July 24 by c.j.b (33 found)

Charl and I had no luck either. “Then we read the logs properly.” D’oh.
A great place to visit during your first real excursion into the Manly area. (^_^)

Quaker’s Delight

by Crowmage

S 33° 48.498 E 151° 14.261

(ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)
Difficulty: * Terrain: **1/2

The cache is located along a well worn foreshore walk. The walk in the earlier hours of the day is very uplifting. Suitable for all ages. Well maintained area.

The cache itself is a clear 2 litre Klip-It container. Since there are areas along the walk that are sensitive, this cache has been left close to the path so no bushbashing is necessary. There are multiple ways to approach this. The approach I used was to start within “spitting” distance from the cache. Explore the area. It’s worth it.

July 24 by Charl (45 found)

I’d love to know if this one is still there. As this is the third DFI, I guess it may have been muggled.

July 24 by c.j.b (33 found)

A Did Not Find, although it was really too dark at the time to be attempting this cache.

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