Belgium Beer Cafe

November 7th, 2004 | by Charlotte |

Natalie’s birthday today. Me, Darren, my Mum and Dad, Graeme (Natalie’s boyfriend) and his parents and brother, Natalie’s Mum and Grandma, and friends Ian and Caroline, all went to the Belgium Beer Caf� in the Rocks.

I planned to blog this at the Belgium Beer Cafe, where the party was held but the Brew cafe down the street, which apparently has a free wireless hotspot, was closed as it was Sunday. A lot of the cafes in that area only open on weekdays.

Anyway, I had a La Guillotine beer, then a Chimay Blonde beer, then a Framboise Beer. All of them were much stronger than regular Australian beer. Still pissed as I type.

Darren and Ian had a ball with my laptop, checking out the songs in iTunes and discussing metal music. I�ve been advised to download music by Chalice.

I took my laptop so I could download the photos from Natalie’s new camera, which I had a go of and really liked. You half hold down the photo button and it focuses, then push the button all the way and it takes the photo.

As Dad drove my car, so I could drink, I didn’t end up with much say in where the car ended up and I’m currently sitting in the car park at Woolworths in Mona Vale, where Mum and Dad are going shopping. How enjoyable.

The light from the screen is almost the only light around. A slight paleness in the sky shows where the sun went down. It’s 7.56pm and I’m forced to move the brightly lit screen forward so I can see the keys. Thank goodness for touch-typing, so I don�t have to look at the keys.

I’m off work for the next week, making the most of the vast number of leave days I’ve accrued. I plan to write up the new plan for Fabulister and various other things. I’ve discovered the Stickies application on this laptop and I’ve used it to list all the things I have to do. Yawn, I could sleep right now. Damn I wish I talked them into driving me home first.

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