July 8th, 2008 | by Charlotte |

Spotted a waterspout on the way home yesterday, an intense thin trunk against the darkness of its storm cloud. I only had my tiny camera phone with me, so the best photo I got was taken several minutes after I’d spotted it, when it had already roped out and only the very top was left, hanging down from the wall cloud.

It’s just a few pale pixels against the dark grey of the cloud underside, in the centre of the picture.

Waterspout off the headland south of Mona Vale Beach

The sky was such a strange colour that day. The clouds were lurid orange and yellow in the east, turning pink towards the west, and streaked with stark grey in all parts of the sky.

Perhaps yellow is the colour to watch out for when there are tornadoes about? Green sky for hail, yellow for tornadoes.

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