Launch party

June 22nd, 2006 | by Charlotte |

Celebrated the launch of, Haymarket’s new directory website, at a fabulous party at Debenham House, 8 Addison Road, London W14 8DJ.

What a mansion! It was covered, inside and out, in opalescent blue-green tiles and it was utterly beautiful. The entrance hall was domed and had a ceiling covered in a Grecian mosaic of iridescent tiles. The rooms were full of ornate antiques. Waitresses wandered around with trays of drinks or canapes.

The Directories gang stood out in the manicured garden full of flowers, near the badminton court, drinking bottomless glasses of blue champagne with blueberries, in honour of Blue Boomerang, and trying to guess the cost of the house. Ten million pounds? More?

We ate shepherds pies the size of thumbnails, pastry cones full of shredded duck, and blue cheese tarts with slivers of truffle while we waited for Sir Michael to give his key note speech. A most entertaining night.

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