Kia, the Tube Cat

April 25th, 2006 | by Charlotte |

Note: Dad – I just spoke to the Commonwealth Bank and they say the credit cards will arrive at my Australian address by Thursday. They take a week to arrive, usually, but Anzac Day will have slowed them down.

Walked into the Tube at 2pm, feeling a bit down. I’d just had a successful interview with a publishing recruiter, but that only gave me then right to apply for jobs supplied by the recruiter, it didn’t actually give me a job up front. Feeling tired at the thought of the many more job applications and, if I was lucky, interviews my future, I wasn’t looking forward to my hour long commute home – 2 Tube trains, a bus and a walk.

That was until I met Kia, the Tube cat. I spotted him the moment I walked into the carriage, a large, black and white cat, with the demeanour of a king, lying utterly relaxed on the seat near the door next to his owner. I wished I’d bought a camera.

I sat down on the adjoining seat and chatted to Kia’s owner. She had trained Kia to ride the Tube without being in a cage and walk on a lead for the past 3 years. She had to visit her elderly mother frequently, and rather than ask the neighbours to look after Kia, she had trained him to come with her.

Kia allowed me to pat him. I’ve never seen a cat so confident with strangers, let alone so confident in the noisy, shaking world of the Tube.

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