A Cold in Summer

January 27th, 2006 | by Charlotte |

I’ve got a lousy cold. Went to bed at 6pm Wednesday night and was too sick to get out of bed yesterday, which was a pity because it was Australia Day. Watched the fireworks from bed.

Still feeling crook today. I’m supposed to go out for lunch with the Bennetts crew but I’m not hungry and I feel weak when I stand up. I have lost 2kg in 2 days, which is a tad scary.

Checked my webhosting ISP’s spam folder today and found hundreds of legitimate e-mails that my spam filter had caught by mistake. The UTS writer’s group was particularly affected by my spam filter. There was a reply from Tess telling me what time her party was (I never got it so I didn’t go, damn it), there was a reply from Alex regarding her trip to the UK.

I’ve got my laptop in bed with me and I’m preparing for my UK trip. Working on my resume, and I’m about to call the British High Commission to make certain I can legally work and live in the UK.

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