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Charged $1500

Monday, February 28th, 2005

Today I received an invoice for $1500 for a uni course I don't want to do. I was advised to enroll for a random subject, while I waited until the end of February to enroll in Humanities subjects. Now those subjects are full for the autumn term and I've been ...

Car in for servicing

Monday, February 28th, 2005

My car is in for servicing today. I got a flat tire yesterday, which I noticed while popping into a service station for a diet Red Bull on my way to my boyfriend's house. There was a large nail sticking out of the flat. I don't know where I picked that ...

Coastal Track

Sunday, February 27th, 2005

Coastal Track by SWAG Cade S 34° 10.995 E 151° 02.851 (ratings out of 5 stars. 1 is easiest, 5 is hardest) Difficulty: **1/2 Terrain: *** Good spot for a morning tea break... This is the first of (possibly) a series of caches ...


Saturday, February 26th, 2005

I can’t believe it. Not long after receiving the enrolment rejection e-mail from UTS, I received a broadcast e-mail from the UTS Vice-Chancellor welcoming me to a new academic year. What new academic year? I can’t fucking enrol. I send him as polite a reply as I could, detailing the treatment I’ve had ...

Enrolment failed again

Saturday, February 26th, 2005

I just got this incredibly clear e-mail from UTS. From: Subject: eVop Rejected Date: 25 February 2005 9:37:28 AM To: Your Variation of Program request 11555 has not been approved, due to: The class you have chosen is full. If you wish to consult an academic adviser, click here to check ...

Man hacks into ex-lover’s email account

Friday, February 25th, 2005

Once they could only keep phoning you and checking your letter box... From The Sydney Morning Herald: Man hacks into ex-lover's email account Darwin February 25, 2005 - 9:35AM A jilted computer technician has received a suspended sentence after hacking into his ex-lover's email account and deleting notes from her new boyfriend. Craig Henry ...

Banana Bunker

Friday, February 25th, 2005

The Banana Bunker is a plastic tube for protecting your lunch time banana from being squashed in your bag. I'm torn between thinking: 1. Why didn't I think of that? 2. Why didn't they just take an apple to work? Apples don't crush as easily.

Tracker dog

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

My father took my dog and my sister's dogs to the north end of the beach today. I was walking almost half a kilometre away, yet suddenly I heard running paws behind me, and there was my dog coming up to say hello. I'm impressed. He must have tracked me down ...

UTS staff comment

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

I know that the system is frustrating. Unfortunately the university likes to throw money at developing systems that confuse and annoy people. ...and that's from a staff member who e-mailed me to help me with the enrolment system. I'm not the only one who hates UTS's online enrolment system. At least ...

Enrolment failed again

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

I tried UTS's online enrolment system again, after waiting until today for the subjects I wanted to open for all people. Once again the system didn't work and I had to go to the administration staff instead. I was told I couldn't enroll in the subjects, I had to submit ...


Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

An interesting Danish word I haven't heard before: Eventyr It means 'fairytales' and it is the Danish title of Hans Christian Anderson's book of fairytales. Looks like a good screen name to me! :-)

Don’t think of an elephant

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

From The Sydney Morning Herald: Don't think of an elephant Commentary by Margo Kingston February 22, 2005 12:25 AM G'day. Here's something to really get your teeth into, a review by Hamish Alcorn, my brother and convenor of my soon-to-be-launched website yourdemocracy, of the American bestseller Don't think of an elephant. After the review, ...

Whirix chosen

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

I've accepted Whirix's bid to program Fabulister. I noticed that another web design company, this time based in New York, has also made a bid. But a lot of their reviews have been removed, which seems suspicious. Whirix has a slightly higher rating, so I went with them.


Monday, February 21st, 2005

I'm currently sorting out the Fabulister contract between myself and Whirix.

Lord of the Rings at the Powerhouse Museum

Sunday, February 20th, 2005

Went to the Lord of the Rings movie exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, with my boyfriend, and Fiona and Chris. Only Fiona and I went in, the others didn't think much of Lord of the Rings. Fiona and I really enjoyed ourselves. The Powerhouse Museum (called Powerhouse because it's built in ...

City caches

Sunday, February 20th, 2005

Writers of Renown by The Reigate Squires S 33° 51.656 E 151° 12.572 The Writers' Walk at Circular Quay celebrates some 49 authors who are either Australian or have some connection to Australia. Each writer has a dedicated plaque set into the pavement. To claim this cache simply: 1. Post a photo of yourself ...

Blue Bottle

Saturday, February 19th, 2005

Got stung by a blue bottle jellyfish today. I did one last trip to the beach before heading towards my boyfriend's house and I swam between the flags. I managed to dodge one floating blue bottle, and I really should have gotten out then but the water felt perfect. I stayed ...

Cockatoo from Sweden

Saturday, February 19th, 2005

Riptide found my 2108 cache. Judging from the log time, he found it at dawn this morning. Though Riptide's image may be of a sunset, because I see no houses on the land in the photo. He's the first finder and he took my Little Bugger #4 - Bee travel bug ...

Howard butters up the religious

Friday, February 18th, 2005

From The Sydney Morning Herald: Church got federal funds February 18, 2005 An evangelical church with links to the Liberal Party has received almost $800,000 in grants from Federal Government departments in the past five years. Hillsong Church has received $473,588 from the Department of Family and Community Services since 1999, ...

Automatic zip files

Thursday, February 17th, 2005

I needed to zip my Fabulister files so I could send them to Whirix. A quick call to my Mac expert boyfriend and I found out something useful. There's no need to download an equivalent of Winzip for OSX. It's built in. Just select a file in the Finder, right click ...