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Snow shower gel

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

My Demeter shower gels have turned up. Creme Brulee smells like vanilla and toffee. Snow has a very faint, fresh scent, like new icecubes. I got a free Grapefruit Tea lotion in the box, which I'm using on my hands. It has a pleasant, citrusy smell. Very impressed so far. I'll have ...

Strange scents

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

I've discovered a fragrance company, Demeter, that does scents with such names as: Earthworm, Dirt, Laundromat, Crust of Bread, Crème Brulee, Funeral Home, Holy Smoke, Lobster, Mildew, Thunderstorm and Sex on the Beach. I want to try them just because of those names.

Make your own bath bombs

Sunday, April 24th, 2005

This is something I have to try: Make your own bath bombs

White chocolate lipgloss

Friday, November 26th, 2004

Eating (well using, I shouldn't be eating it) white chocolate lip-gloss. It's called Moose's White Choco Cream. There's also Sweet's Cinnamon Ice Cream lip-gloss (Sweet is a dog that looks like a white version of my dog) and Arctic's Candy Cane Cocoa, a choc mint lip-gloss decorated with a polar ...